Colleen’s Favorite Things

I have been loving some products lately for myself, for my home, and for my baby – thought I’d share!

1. Sally Hansen’s Salon Gel Polish Kit

Sally Hansen Gel Kit

Back in March I attended a conference for fundraising professionals that had many take-aways, one of which encouraged me to pay attention to little details because they are noticed and send an important message of detail-orientation to people.  Since then, I’ve been intentional about making sure my nails and hands are manicured, make up is good, and hair is finished (as much as possible with mad curly hair).  Getting a regular manicure when you work for a non-profit, however, is cost prohibitive.  Gel/shellac manicures are awesome since they last so long, but after a week it starts to look terrible and then you have to start over.

After about a month or two of this, I decided to invest in a DIY kit – not the cheapest thing considering they’re $65 at Walmart – but Amazon had a much better deal and it costs less than 2 salon gel manicures. There are mega benefits to doing it yourself, I learned after — when a nail chips, I can simply re-do it!  Secondly, it takes WAY less time than painting your nails with nail polish because there’s no drying time.  For a busy working mom, this is the answer to having your nails look nice – hands down.

2. Genuine Kids Alice Sandals

Genuine Kids Alice Sandals

My little girl is learning to walk, but has narrow, small feet.  And, like most babies, she likes to kick her shoes off.  When I tried to find baby shoes for her, either they wouldn’t stay on her feet, or if they did stay on they were crib shoes and had no sole and they got ruined in an afternoon of her toddling around.  I actually loved baby TOMS for her, but it’s summer and too warm for a closed shoe.  These sandals are supportive, stay on her feet, protective, adorable and affordable at $12.99.  I just ordered 2 more pairs in the next sizes.

3. Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

This little device is so flipping awesome.  For $35 (and, in this case, we have a great friend who gave us one!), this device allows us to stream HD video to our television from our phones, computer, and tablet.  As a millennial family without cable, primarily using Hulu Plus and Netflix for entertainment we love that we can watch in HD and have the freedom to control it from anywhere in our wifi network.
I really need to find a way to monetize this blog.  In the meantime, enjoy!

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