Food, Glorious Food

Roasted asparagus, garlic redskin mashed potatoes, and crab-stuffed mushrooms

I need to go grocery shopping.  To do so, that means I need to meal plan.  As I write this, I am under a pile of cookbooks, I have about 60 tabs open to Pinterest, AllRecipes, and a variety of foodblogs.  I have a pretty decent skill for cooking, and lately I’ve had more time for it…  I just feel frustrated with everything I’m finding.

When it comes to food, I just cannot win.


  1. Too fattening/rich/cheesy     {butter+cheese+bacon are my vices}
  2. Too carby     {I am having an illicit affair with pasta/italian food}
  3. Too complicated     {No more than 12 ingredients}
  4. Too boring     {No more comfort food}

I find myself resorting to the same 4 or 5 recipes every week… I’m stuck in a FOOD RUT.

Am I the only one with this problem?  HELP!!

{do tell!}

What recipe(s) do you love that avoid the 4 dilemmas? Where do you find your favorite recipes? What are your household staples? How do you meal plan?

5 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food

  1. Oh boy! Maybe some of these ideas can help?

    1 – Cut the fat. You can make a lot of your faves (or branch out into new recipes that scare you) with some modifications. Turkey Bacon over pork. Chicken Sausage over pork or beef. Greek yogurt in place of a whole bunch of fatty items like: butter, sour cream, oil, milk, etc. But — a LITTLE bit of fat is good. Don’t go all crazy – but investing in good quality olive oil, or treating yourself to a power-rich cheese like feta or fresh mozzarella is ok and good for your system. Also – I just bought an oil mister – so I put my olive oil in, and just spray — use less, less fat!

    2 – Love lemon. Lemon is I think natures perfect gift. I buy about 6 or so a week and use them in nearly everything. Cut the butter, salt, and oil down, replace with a squeeze of lemon to boost flavor. Zest it, juice it, squeeze it, on your veggies and meats. Slice it and put it on top of your chicken or fish that your roast instead of butter or oil to brown and add lots of flavor. Then, put the rinds down your garbage disposal at the end of the night to make your kitchen smell fresh!

    3 – Lean meat is our household staple. We eat chicken breasts, lean boneless pork chops, and some sort of fish every week. But the trick is to change it up and use LOTS of veggies. Tonight I’m grilling swordfish steaks on the George Foreman (just marinade with some lemon juice) and then making warm mango salsa to go with: Mango, red pepper, onion, garlic diced – saute in a little olive oil and lemon juice, zest the lemon rind, add some salt and pepper. SO GOOD.

    4 – Try to go vegetarian one day a week, indulge another. I try to do one meal a week that is vegetarian (not vegan) – like a portabella mushroom burger, or whole-wheat pasta and marinara sauce, or a big salad with lots of veggies, or just warm brie and fruit. Then, I have one meal a week that is our splurge – either it’s our night out or I’ll go a little heavier on dessert so I don’t feel deprived – but also not remorseful.

    5 – When in doubt, and when bored: roast your veggies. Oh my gosh. Roasted Brussels sprouts. Cauliflower. Potatoes. Peppers. Chop with onions, garlic, toss with some olive oil, salt and pepper. 450 for 30-60 min, checking occasionally. When they start to get a little crispy. Such a good side (or main) dish to spice up any lame piece of chicken!

  2. Feel free to make use of my blog in which I post my weekly menus. (WW friendly and DH approved) I also use to build a store of recipes that I like which ziplist collates the ingredients into an aisle specific shopping list that i can access on my smart phone. Best. Thing. Ever.

    i sit down on Saturdays and come up with a weekly menu, make the blog, build the shopping list and then go shop.

  3. The first thing I did to make cooking more interesting was to marinade! Balsamic vinegar is great on its own. Garlic, red wine (or Rw vinegar), olive oil, cayenne pepper and honey is also awesome. From there I just branched out making my own marinades from whatever spices and liquids I have on hand. Chicken, pork, beef. I marinade everything. And I’m lately a suck for lemon for summer!

    We’ve been trying to eat healthier, so I looked into more veggie side dishes and smaller meat portions. I recently discovered kale, which is AWESOME raw with garlic vinaigrette and lemon juice, salt and pepper. I could eat bowls of that stuff. Trying to have half our meals be veggie-based instead of meat or carb-based. Summer’s a great time to do it because everything’s in season!

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