The 5 Things You Learn on a Roller Coaster in a Tornado

That’s what the last few weeks have felt like.  So much has happened and changed over the last few weeks that, honestly, I’m not sure if my feet have even hit the ground yet.

Rather than list out the tedious details and relive the highs and lows and twists and turns of the past few weeks, I’ll list the 5 things I’ve learned over these past few weeks:

1. Every human will disappoint you; recognize and accept it, and then move on.

Someone I respect and have a relationship with did something that really disappointed me over the past two weeks, and I was angry… and then I was hurt.  At the same time, I was surrounded by a person who had not accepted this lesson and held grudges about every disappointment in his/her life.  This was exhausting!  It is natural to hold grudges about disappointments, but it is not easier.

2. Professionalism is 70% social and 30% politics.

The past 3 weeks have included more highly “professional” experiences than any other concentrated time in my life.  When you think of the factors that make up professionalism, one thinks of suits, formalities,  business cards, etc.  But if I learned nothing else, I realized that people are people are people.  And, if you really want to win someone over to your way of thinking, you’ll be nice, ask them about themselves, and you’ll play their game.

3. Your entire life and everything you call normal can change in a single breath.  Be thankful when those changes are minor, and treasure the breaths they don’t.

In the past three weeks, several of my friends have suddenly and unexpectedly lost people they loved due to preventable acts.  In total contrast, I was up for a job that would would have required a complete and total change of our daily life and we were doubled over with anxiety.  Change is the only constant… keep it in perspective and expect that it will come.

4. You aren’t actually more productive if you don’t take a break, you’re just leading up to a crash.

I haven’t had a lot of choice over the past few weeks about whether or not to take a break.  So, when I sprained my ankle right before I got two days off, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Nor should I be shocked when looking over what I’ve actually accomplished over the past two weeks: I’ve alienated a few people I care about, I’ve given several projects I’m committed to less attention than they deserved, and I’ve been an absentee wife to the greatest husband in the world.  Stupid.

And most importantly…

5. Being obedient to God can be tough, but it’s way tougher to be outside of his blessing.

Since I wrote about our obedience financially in my first blog post, 3 separate full-time jobs have been put in my path.  One of the concerns before we started our budget was that we wouldn’t have enough money long term to sustain.  And the next day, job offer #1 came in.  God is waiting to bless us- we just need to position ourselves under the faucet of his blessing.  This is about obedience, repentance, and submission.  While it’s way more fun to spend as we want and worry about it later, it is not more fun to be outside of His blessing.

{do tell!}

What are your 5 lessons of the last month?  What has been your greatest lesson from stressful times?

2 thoughts on “The 5 Things You Learn on a Roller Coaster in a Tornado

  1. My whole blog is nothing but lessons – there is ALWAYS something to learn in any situation, no matter how large or small.

    I guess one of my greatest lessons in stressful times is from Plato “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

    Even those who seem to have the easiest times are struggling with something – some share it, some hide it. I’ve learned that people genuinely do sympathize for you when your life is challenging – but they have their own challenges, too – and your stress is no excuse to be a crappy person. I learned this lesson the hard way when I was was struggling with what had been the greatest challenge(s) of my life – I wasn’t the nicest or easiest person – and there was no excuse for it, no matter how crappy my life was at that time.

    1. Sam, actually, your blog was one of the inspirations for this post! What a great point. I have been and can be particularly difficult when I’m stressed out because “being nice” is low on my priority list in that moment… something I’m working to change!

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